Magazine and App

We’ve been working with the NCT (National Childbirth Trust) for seven very successful years. What we don’t know about birth, weaning, teething, potty training, sleeping and crawling really isn’t worth knowing. We started out making a quarterly magazine for their members, full of reassuring and informative features for mums and dads at a special yet scary and potentially overwhelming time in their lives. We also came up with the idea of an app to help parents find their nearest baby changing facility. Simple yet ingenious – and it proved a great hit, with more than 15,000 downloads in the first two months alone. We’re also working on lots of other digital and print projects for this great charity.


“Axon are fantastically professional in helping us produce NCT’s supporter magazine and App. We always get a great product that is loved by our members, and the team are a pleasure to work with.”
David Stedman, Head of Communications, NCT

Having published NCT Matters magazine for the UK’s largest parenting charity since 2008, Axon struck upon an ingenious idea for an app that’s practical, helpful and really meets a public need. So we went to NCT with our idea to create an app that uses geopositioning to locate the user and then show their nearest babychange facilities. Users can rate the babychange facilities for hygiene and parents can also upload new facilities they happen to stumble upon. Most of all, it’s easy to use. The app also fits nicely with one of the charity’s key objectives – to extend their reach beyond pregnancy and birth and into toddlerhood – and we all know toddlers need babychange facilities too! Put simply, it’s an interactive personal directory of babychange facilities in your pocket.

We used a team of researchers to connect with stores and supermarkets, restaurants and train stations, and everything in between. With this information we created a vast spreadsheet – a packed-to-the-rafters database brimming with babychange facilities. And then we set about building our app using a team of developers and designers who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring our vision to life.

In its first two months, our NCT Babychange app achieved a fantastic 15,029 downloads. The app was featured on ITV’s Daybreak; received a full page feature in The Times T2; was covered in the Sunday Mirror and The Scotsman; mentioned on four radio stations; and appeared in consumer titles like Pregnancy & Birth as well as in trade communications for nurseries and childminders. All this provided great publicity for NCT and proved that we can be as successful in digital as we are in print.

As the UK’s leading charity for mums and dads, NCT seeks to provide accurate and impartial information and support to parents and parents-to-be at an exciting yet challenging time in their lives. NCT Matters magazine is the key tool to enable them to do this.

We created an energetic and lively quarterly magazine with real NCT members at its heart. It is packed with news, features, profiles, infographics and first-person pieces from members. It achieves the careful balance between providing information for readers while not pressuring them into parenting decisions – we present the information so they can make choices that suit their family.

We also tailor content so it appeals to people at different stages in their parenting journey – from expectant mums and dads to those with newborns right through to parents with toddlers. In addition, we cover both the practicalities and emotions of parenthood, with everything from weaning and potty training to depression and relationship changes.

The tone is realistic yet positive – it acknowledges the fact that the transition to parenthood can be daunting but rewarding.

The magazine has proved popular, with 71% of readers finding the content relevant to them, against an industry average of 55%. And 81% of readers pick the magazine up between one and four times before they have finished with it, despite the demands of being a busy parent!

In addition, 60% of readers discuss the content with a friend, relative or colleague, compared to an industry average of just 22%. And, crucial to brand awareness, 39% of readers tell someone else about NCT and spread the word.

Plus, 37% of readers act on a piece of advice or information they read in the magazine. And an impressive 21%, against an industry average of 13%, buy a product advertised in the magazine – music to the advertisers’ ears.