Location scouting, styling, shoot production, design, tone of voice, catalogue production

We’ve been working with M&S for more than a decade so we know they make beautiful furniture and stylish accessories (we’ve fallen in love with so many products). But it’s our job to tell everyone else! That’s why we make lookbook-style catalogues that inspire, surprise and excite customers. And we do it all, from start to finish. We begin with concepts and planning, then we shoot rich and emotive lifestyle photography. In fact, M&S love the photography so much that it’s also used online and in store. We also do the design, writing, subbing and editing (the key is to check, check and check again!). We work with the buying and design departments at every stage (really we’re an extension of the M&S team). We also produce smaller targeted books for lighting, home fragrance and bedding, plus a quarterly newspaper. The result? We’re positioning M&S as a brand leader and the destination for home, as well as elevating it against its competitors.



The M&S Home Catalogue is published twice a year, in Spring and Autumn, with the primary objective of inspiring existing customers and acquiring new ones. Due to brand repositioning, there was also a desire to create a unique catalogue to elevate M&S Home against its competitors.

To achieve this creatively, Axon decided to develop a catalogue that uses editorial-style narratives to really engage customers at the early inspiration part of their buying cycle. Our idea was to take customers on a unique journey. Each page is carefully considered to showcase product but also to tell stories that resonate with M&S’s diverse customer base. One page will feature a family-style sitting room that invites people in, while the next will hero a key product chosen by the buying team to highlight the quality that M&S is famous for.

This is no ordinary catalogue – it’s a celebration of the wonderful world of M&S, which is just a little bit better than the rest of the high street. Locations are chosen to inspire and delight, carefully mixing styles to cater for lots of different tastes, and we select the best photographers and stylists from around the world (with proven track records of producing editorial) to develop, under Axon’s creative direction, amazing lifestyle photography that is rich and emotive to give the catalogue a more modern editorial feel.

We have also developed a new tone of voice that is witty and authoritative at the same time; for instance, ‘Some jobs need the personal touch – that’s why we hand carve the gorgeous details on our Staunton range.’ We then design the catalogue pages so this copy is appropriately placed to give the book a feeling of pace.

As catalogue experts we also ensure all devices such as clear price points and captioning, simple navigation and drivers to promote the many services M&S offers are successfully woven in. The resulting catalogue excites, surprises and encourages customers to buy into the Home brand and drives them in store and online to discover more. To create a seamless multichannel journey across all customer touch points, we re-edit copy and pictures for in store POS and online banners and online editorial. Response has been overwhelmingly positive…

Product sales from M&S Home have enjoyed year on year growth, leading to the introduction of new selections such as the Loft Collection. Sales projections were beaten and the new tone of voice was so well received by the business that we were commissioned to write in store POS. Online sales, supported by the catalogue, beat budget too.