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We won a highly competitive pitch to launch the customer magazine of 2011, allofyou for Lloydspharmacy. It’s packed with advice on every health concern you could imagine, presented in a lively and appealing manner to help reposition the brand as the friendly high street chemist. And for the 1,800 staff we created a fun, fresh and great-looking employee magazine, OneLife, so staff could hear company news, get their voices heard, share tips and be entertained.


”The magazine really helped the pharmacy develop an emotional connection with its existing customers by delivering expert knowledge.”
John Smigielski, Editorial Director, Axon

Lloydspharmacy wanted to achieve many of the things other clients strive for – to improve emotional engagement, encourage two-way communication, showcase employee success, communicate strategy and provide a sales tool. Most of all, they wanted to connect with their 18,000 staff across 1,650 pharmacies. As connection specialists, that’s where we came in.

We used our talented team of designers, photographers, writers and subs to create something fresh, dynamic, eye-catching and high quality – to show employees how much they are appreciated. Instead of seeming like a lecture from the bosses, we made OneLife feel like advice from a colleague. Management-speak was banned and the magazine burst with stories about employees inside and outside of work. It was a place where they could have voices heard too – it was their magazine, after all. Most importantly, it was fun, celebratory, energetic and entertaining.

The magazine proved a great success. Previously it was deemed ineffective because it was all about head office and shop floor staff felt they couldn’t express themselves. But a staff survey found that 95% of readers were positive about the new look and 94% were positive about the stories featured. More than 90% were happy about the magazine being sent to their homes – also a new part of the strategy to make employees feel valued and to give them time to flick through at their leisure. A massive 77.3% said OneLife gave them a wider understanding of news and changes within Lloydspharmacy.

A delivery driver from the South East had the following words of praise: ‘I can honestly say that I never before read anything from the company cover-to-cover. I very much look forward to the next edition of OneLife. Having spent some 38 years in the publishing industry before joining Lloydspharmacy, I can understand the work that has gone into this publication.’

Lloydspharmacy was keen to get closer to its customers and raise awareness of its brand, products and services. It also wanted to build on its reputation as helpful, supportive, reliable and trustworthy, as well as positioning itself as the first port of call for health concerns.

We launched a brand new magazine for Lloydspharmacy – with 500,000 copies available free at more than 1,650 pharmacies across the UK.

We brought a specialist editor on board who has years of experience in the health and beauty industry. We also called on our extensive network of photographers and stylists to get the look we wanted for this exciting new magazine.

allofyou had a great mix of fun sound bites and lighthearted news, along with expert health advice and guidance on all manner of subjects, from pets and smoking to allergies, holidays and recipes, all presented in a lively and appealing way. We pointed out Lloydspharmacy products and services that can help – but trod the delicate path of not selling too overtly. We also positioned the pharmacists as experts to reinforce Lloydspharmacy as a trustworthy and authoritative brand.

The magazine was divided into three sections: Family, Health, Beauty, and Life, representing the main parts of the business as well as the main priorities for the diverse readership. One of the most fun aspects of this new launch was deciding on a name. We came up with allofyou because the magazine is about every aspect of the customer’s life.

Informative and interesting were the two most frequent words used to describe allofyou.

In extensive interviews and questionnaires with customers, we found a massive 84% rated it as excellent or liked it a lot. We found 84% were reading all or most of the magazine against an industry average of 32%. And the average time spent reading allofyou is 32 minutes – again, well over the industry average.

Not only did customers enjoy reading their magazine, but it also achieved Lloydspharmacy’s commercial objectives. As a result of reading the magazine, 85% of readers visited a store, used a voucher or bought a featured product.