Laura Lee

Photography, design and multi-platform content

We’d all like to be lavished with exquisite handmade jewellery. And Laura Lee is the place to buy it. We worked with Laura to create a brochure to show off her stunning designs to a fashionable international clientele (including A-listers like Kiera Knightley among others). It’s full of elegant photography, illustration and paintings. Our striking work is featured on the Laura Lee website, on point of sale and it’s also used at huge global trade shows – and we know it looks just as special as the precious gems and metals in Laura’s jewellery.


“If you are looking for a
design/publishing company with
a truly creative approach I couldn’t recommend them more highly... plus they are a pleasure to work with.”
Laura Lee, Owner, Laura Lee Jewellery

Laura Lee asked Axon to create a brochure to showcase her luxurious handmade jewellery. This was to target the company’s fashionable clientele, which includes celebrities such as Anna Friel and Keira Knightley.

Our team created a narrative – a day in the life of a starlet – to run through the pages of the brochure. The model is shown at different times throughout the day wearing jewellery made from precious metals and gems, reflecting the lives of Laura’s clientele. We decided to engage with customers using this fashion-story concept because Laura Lee customers are used to seeing this editorial approach in magazines such as Vogue, Grazia and Elle.

The look and feel of the brochure was based on the idea that the signature look of Laura’s jewellery is ‘encapsulated by layering pieces’ so we reflected this by layering gorgeous photography, illustration and bespoke painting interspersed with diary-like quotes from Laura. The result is a brochure that is rich and whimsical, just like the jewellery, but one that brings the intricate, high-end designs to life, making them more desirable and therefore more saleable.

Our work isn’t just confined to the brochure, as it appears on the main Laura Lee site, at point of sale in her London store and in department stores around the world. And, as the brochure encapsulates Laura’s brand perfectly, she is also using it at trade shows to introduce people to her work and is currently planning to launch a digital magazine based around the imagery and words.