Brand reappraisal

They’re a giant in the world of DIY and we worked with B&Q to help make them even bigger! We produced tonnes of content for them, from homes and gardens catalogues to lookbooks, brochures and videos. Our experience has shown us that so many catalogues rely on vague product descriptions, so we went the extra mile and found out from suppliers what each and every product actually did. After all, this is what the customer wants to know. We also introduced expert tips, advice and how-to guides so that B&Q’s expertise and experience shines through on every page. And we created a new visual identity that had a fresh, lifestyle feel. The results were impressive. (We also like to think we’re now experts on painting, papering, plumbing and every other DIY project!)


“The Axon team thinks outside the box and in response to our brief, Axon took us to a new level. The tone, look and feel of their approach ensured we created a strong customer engagement and experience.”

As part of B&Q’s rebranding to become ‘The Helpful Home Improvement Company’, Axon was asked to produce its latest Garden Living catalogue. The aim was not only to increase sales but also to establish B&Q as the place to go for friendly, impartial advice, whatever your level of expertise.

A catalogue that confirms the lifestyles of B&Q customers and clearly showcases the great range of products. The catalogue is divided into three easy-to-navigate sections and is a mixture of lifestyle shots that include people using the products and more traditional selling pages grouped into categories such as garden power. We always put the customer to the fore, so we made sure that any gardens we photographed were ‘real’ – to engage customers we felt that they needed to relate to the gardens. Using editorial devices such as ‘get the look’ pages we introduced the four key trends so people could buy into their chosen lifestyles.

We also included lots of devices for customers to understand the benefits of products, such as boxes explaining USPs and captions that allow people to compare and contrast descriptions. To further reinforce the ‘helpful’ element of the brand, we included lots of ‘how to…’ guides so customers were properly equipped to start projects. The tone of voice was also seen as vital – it is chatty and friendly and always inclusive. It was important that people felt that B&Q was there for them. Note the opening copy for the Transform section: ‘Don’t put off those jobs any longer. Go on, it won’t be difficult…’

The catalogue was part of a bigger strategy. We worked with different departments within B&Q to create a consistent message, from the use of our images on the website to the tone of voice at point of sale. The cover image was also used in store to promote the catalogue launch.

> More than 1 in 4 readers went on to make a purchase
> 72% kept the book as they intended to make a purchase in the near future
> 46% kept the book as a reference source to remind themselves what gardening
products B&Q sells
> 72% agreed that the book gave them ideas and inspiration
> 47% stated they would keep the book until the following year’s book was published