News, Women We Love / November 8th, 2017

We’re launching a ‘Women We Love’ series on Instagram

We’re launching a 'Women We Love' series on Instagram: here's why. Ellen Brush, one of the most inspirational women you could meet, was one of the co-founders of Axon.

Ellen had the most contagious passion for life, describing herself as a Warrior. She worked harder and longer than everyone and never thought anything a step too far. Ellen truly believed in supporting young people and coached us all through hard times, speaking often of how to help and how to motivate others. This was a woman who loved Axon to the bottom of her heart - it was her dream and her life.

Despite running a fairly sizeable business, every year she gave her time (very quietly) to Shelter and, in later years, The Royal Marsden hospital. What an inspirational woman.

Incredibly Ellen had been on the Kings Cross 7/7 train and survived, but eventually The Warrior lost her battle with breast cancer.

Today those values of integrity, equality and going above and beyond for our clients still hold true. We know there are some obvious candidates for this list, but we've tried to stay true to those who really inspire us to do and be better.  Whether they are trailblazers or just bloody lovely, these are the women who make it better for everyone.

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